sometimes to rid the mother of a
troublesome child, (as one told me
"Pickaninny to much cry all day") and,
at other times, I think, to keep
the tribe from unduly increasing.

I think you are aware that certain
tender kinds of game such as a
small wild goose, the little wallabys (known
as "Wide-awakes") +c were old men's food,
the young men not being allowed to
partake of them till they had learnt to
make netts +c ([?Minties?])

The Diere blacks were much
afraid of lightening, and, during a thunder
storm, a number of them would rush
out of the camp in the direction of
the lightning and yell out "ōō-gh,
ōōgh" simultaneously, at the same
time extending the hands and arms
as if pushing something away. They
said this was done to drive "Kootchie"

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