Kopperamana P.O.
27th June 1885

A.W. Howitt Esqr.

Dear Sir,

I am sorry having
delayed the answer of your
questions so long, but as I
have been for a considerable
time away from home I
was unable to reply before this.

In seperat [sic] parcel you will
find your questions answered
and I hope they will assist
you in your work.

You may find it strange that
the Dieri have no Scars or paint-
marks to distinguish themselves
from others but I have made
very close inquiries and could
obtain no further information
on the subject.

Notes and Questions

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Bethesda Lutheran Mission, Coopers Creek, S.A.
C.A. Meyer left in 1886
Bethesda Lutheran Mission at Lake Killalpaninna
Kopperamanna outstation where H. Vogelsang, was a lay missionary