M 16. Son's Wife taru
M. 17. Daughter's Husband taru
F. 18. Son's Wife kalari
F. 19. Daughter's Husband paiara
F. 20. Husband's father taru
M. 21. Wife's father taru
F. 22. Husband's Mother kalari
M. 23. Wife's Mother paiara

24. Mother's Pirangūrū nginjaru
25. Father aperi
26. Father's Brother mama
27. Mother's Sister's Husband aperi waka
28. Father's Sister's Husband kaka
29. Mother's Brother kaka
30. Father's Pirangūrū jipi wantja
31. Mother andri
32. Mother's Sister jipi kamaneli
33. Father's Brother's Wife andri waka
34. Mother's Brother's Wife papa
35. Father's Sister papa
36. Son ngatamūra

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Dieri relationship Vocabulary