Raised Scars and Paintmarks
Raised Scars are very common among the
Dieri tribe as also among the other tribes
but are only Ornaments and have nothing
to do with distinguishing from the other.
But the Paintmarks have a signification
as follows:
(1) for dances: Red ochre and feathers are used.
(2) for warfare, a Pinga: They use Pipe Clay
and yellow ochre and also a frontlet.
(3) for Mourning: Only Pipe Clay
(4) as a messenger for calling together a
meeting for initiating a young man:
they are painted with diagonal stripes of
yellow ochre and have their beard tied
tightly into a point.
(5) to call together a Pinga: They paint them-
selves with Pipe Clay and wear a bunch
of Emufeather on their spine; they also
carry part of a diseased beard or some
balls of Pipe Clay which they take from
one of the Mourners hairs and which they
show at their destination. The meaning
of this is at once understood.
(6) to call together to announce a death: They
only use pipe clay.

The Dieri have no marks nor use any
Paint to show to what tribe they belong to.

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Dieri Raised scars and Paintmark descriptions and significance