NB But map was sent 23/3/98
11/5/89 Siebert Sends me map shewing tribe of South
and the adjoining districts of [??]
11/6/89 accepts my proposal to joint work. As to the map
"He required in all cases to meet with persons
who knew the localities in question", [?give?] what he [??]
In the same letter he said they
Muknara is identical with Kararu
or Tinewa - Kilparu with Kulpiri or Maleri
The aborigines as far as Fowlers Bay
have the same Murdus as the Dieri - Materi
and Kararu
13 Oct 1897 commenced work [?giving?] the Dieri class names Materi + Kararu
24 Feb 1898 Spells the name "Yendruwonta"
will prepare a map shewing the boundaries of
Dieri, Yauroka, Yendruwinta. He heads the tabular
statement of this date by the words

Mr Harry E Aldridge 13/12/82

Mr A L P Cameron13/6/81 30/5/80 Ipai + Uatha
3/6/81 - sending one bus. paper re blacks [??]?
J. Gibson 5/7/82

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