Dieri Siebert's description Wonkaranda name Remarks
woma carpet snake apma obma (python spilotes)
Tidnamara small grey frog Ilana Common little frog totem = Unchichera
(Probably Heleioporus pictus or possibly
Lion nodynastes ormatus)
Maiaru rat Elaura At Alice Springs = Ibluta
don't know species belongs to genus
coniluras one of the jerboa-rats)
Topairu Earth swallow Ngityera don't know it
Milkityelparu Alngantyala ?
Kaladiri Water toad There is no water toad : he probably
refers to the water holding frog
Cheinoleptes platycephalus
Pira moku Native rabbit at Charlotte Waters = Urgata
(Peragale lagotis)
Punta Shrew mouse ?
Small mouse Karabana ?
Muluru Spinx Ligustri Ingonunga ?
Malura Cormorant Angebara ?
Warogati Emu Alea Erlia at Alice Springs
Karawora Eaglehawk Eretya Iritcha
(Aquila andax)
Markara Codfish Angabedna The 'codfish' does not occur within
hundreds of miles of the Arunta. They have
no name for it
Kunytyiri Acacia Ereya ?
Yikaura Native cat Eremaia name at Alice Springs = Achilpa
(Dasyurus geoffroyi)
Kirrhapara Eel Erpanga Irpurega (Don't think this is an
eel indeed I know of no
eel in the Arunta country)
Kokula Pouch mouse ?
Kanunga Kangaroo Rat Common Kangaroo rat = Malla
(Betongia lesueuri)
Milkiwaru Large grey Hawk Lönpilkala Ullakupera + Kuttakutta are the
names of two hawk totems
Mudlakupa Bream Longulpara name at Alice Springs = Interpitua
(Chatoëssus sp.)
Kani Iguana Ankada The large iguana = Irunpa in the S. +
Echunpa in the N
(Varanus giganteus)
Chukuru Kangaroo Angorra Kangaroo = Okira (Macropus rufus)
Euro = Arunga ( ditto robustus)
Willuru Curlew Wil'lu ?

He also speaks of a "black crane with white patches on its wings",
a "slow worm - a small snake *", and "Pig face called by some
native fig" - this is of course the Mesembury [?au Chenum?]Ø
Wonkarnda I read the Arunta and I am not sure
whether some of these names are not mixed up in his list

*probably Typhlops polygrammicus

Ø ? if this be not a Claytonia (C. Balonncusis) the seeds of which are much used as
food = the plant is widely distributed. There is no [?mescemburyanthenum?] in
Arunta land. The native name of the seed is Ingwitchika
which gives its name to a totem.

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