Kopperamana, Sept 13th

Gunsotfnd Zornt Zunsill!
terms ins snissnd Zeit

unis gütigss

im Herndn

terms und zufüllen,
übous. ftn Arbeit
finnd. desvern

füllt buyt erwissnen

Hermannswert, Mission

Notes and Questions

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Margaret T. Newman

This is a letter in German, so it seems, though I feel and fear there is a mix of languages. Certainly there are a couple of English language words. I am uncertain that it will be able ultimately to be deciphered. It is so very narrowed and very few vowels can be detected with confidence and certainty. Capital letters are not even clear, so there are not many guides or markers. I have forced myself to write what I thought I could see without too much strain. My idea is that with several exposures over a period of a week or so, and to several pages, my brain might begin to relate with it. Some of the other writers’ scripts have been so clear that it was as if I could listen to them, as it were, dictating whole sentences.