I received your letter with very great
pleasure [and as - crossed out]. The handsigns you
send me are most interesting and
will be a valuable addition to my next
book. I hope that you will be as good as
to continue your enquiries. I
enclose herewith some remarks on
[these - crossed out] the signs you send and some suggestions
for further investigation. I also
send some questions as to the
"murdus" of the Dieri with remarks.
In this you will be also able to
render me very great aid.

I regret very much, that the book
you received was incomplete and I have
written to my publisher to at
once send you a complete
copy. I am obliged to you for
mentioning this to me.

As to the Grammar. I ahve had it [before me - crossed out] in hand a long time but
I had not forgotten it. I have
been looking out for the best
way to make use of it. [I do not - crossed out]
I fear that there would not be
any change of selling sufficient

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