English terms Aboriginal term Remarks
Elder brother negi
Younger brother nyattalā
Elder Sister Kaku x[written in German]
Younger Sister nyattalā
M Fathers brothers son negi or nyattalā
F. ditto negi or nyattalā
M Fathers brothers daughter Kaku or nyattalā
F ditto Kaku or nyattalā
M Mother's sister's son [ne-crossed out]gi or nyattalā
F. ditto ditto
M. Mother's sister's daughter Kaku or nattalā
F. ditto ditto
M. Father's sister's son Kami
F. ditto Kami
M. Father's sister's daughter Kami
F. ditto Kami
M. Mother's brother's son Kami
F ditto Kami
M Mother's brother's daughter Kami
F ditto Kami

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