The sky
The stars were looked on as small suns - the sun being
[Dietchi/Distchi?]and the stars [Dietchi] - [mullesor?] (suns all about)
the Milky way He said was a creek and called several of
the constellations by the names of Australian animals
(F. James)

[Aurora Australis]
In 1859 therew as a splendid [Aurora Australis]
visible at Cooratharinga (about 15 miles west of
Blanchwater). The blacks said that it was caused
by the "Hill blackfellows" making a big fire and that they
were having a big fight. They seemed uneasy as
if afraid that the blacks to the southward might
come up and "growl" with them. (F. James).

Thunder Lightning
The Dieri were much afraid of lightning and during
a thunder storm a number of them would rush
out of the camp in the direction of the lightning
and yell out " ōōgh!-ōōgh!" simultaneously,
at the same time extending the hand and arms
as if pushing something away. They said this
was done to drive "Kootchie" away. Kootchie
is an evil spirit much talked of and dreaded
by them. [2 words crossed out] They said that Thunder was
Kootchie "growling" - re angry with them.
The coming of wild pigeons at night was also
attributed to Kootchie and caused great
alarm. (F. James)

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