The Dieri Tribe [underlined]

The relationships of Pirraūrū (1) and Noa [underlined]

(1) Each Dieri man or woman is the Piraūrū
of one or more women or men.

(2) The relation of Piraūrū may exist between
men and women of different "Hordes" of the
same tribe (e.g. Dieri) or of different tribes
(e.g. Dieri and [Yantrū wŭntā).

(3) The relation of Piraūrū may not exist
between persons who are of the following relationships
Father, Father's brother, Father's sister:
mother,mother's brother, mother's sister
Brother's child (male or female speaking)
Sister's child (male or female speaking)
Father's brother's child, Father's sister's child,
mother's brother's child, mother's sister's child,
Brother, Sister.

(4) Nor between persons of the same Mŭrdū
for these are regarded as mother and child
or brother and sister as the case may be
and to [such a - crossed out] these must be added such
others of the above relationships as belong to
the same Mŭrdū.

(5) A Dieri youth having passed through
the ceremony of circumcision may have
a Piraūrū allotted them; a girl having
passed the ceremony of "Wilpadrina" may
be allotted as a Piraūrū. Women of 30 to 40 years
of age or more may be allotted to mere youths
and vice versa.

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