now in such a family group in
the Dieri tribe 1 & 2, 2 & 5, 3 & 6
are in the relation of Noa to
each other, which is individual marriage.
But there are marital relatives [?]
between 1 & 5 and 2 & 4 in the [?]
of the husband in each case, though
[one/we?] have here two parental fathers
as regards 7 and as regards 8. But
6 cannot stand in a parental
relation to 7 & 8 for he is the brother
of their mothers. He should be therefore
in a different relation which the Dieri [call?]

[Crossed out 'This relation of the paternal relation
is called apiri'] and 1 & 2 therefore
stand toward 7 & 8 respectively in the
relation of apiri i.r. the
paternal relation.

The same line of argument would
show that 4 & 5 [stand?] in the same
relation to 7 & 8, being both in the
marital relation to 1 & 2 and though in
the parental relation to [crossed out '7 & 8'] the children
of 1 & 2.

This relation is called andri, but
when a child [?] of the [maternal?].
relation is assigned the name kaka = little
is added to the woman who is not
the actual mother of the child in
question. [Similarly?] if it is [descended?] [by?]
define that [?] man who is the
"true father" of [crossed out 'the'] of a sisters child
the word"[waka?]" is added in respect
of him who is not the Noa
of the child's mother. He is [?] their [?]
father. [Last 2 lines crossed out]

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