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King Barney

The Doctors in our tribe were called "Ba-ngŭl".
I remember a case where a poor fellow as [sic]
very ill and the Bangul came to see him
about dusk + just at dark went out
for a time. He was not gone very long
when we saw a light like a star
to the [North - crossed out] East above the tree tops
-it went round to the north and then
to the west of us, coming nearer and
nearer and lower and lower till,
at last we could see the Bangul
coming to us [with his - crossed out] walking on the ground
with his gŭreik in one hand and
a piece of burning rag in the other.
He came in an [sic] squirted a mouthful
of what they said was sea water
over the sick man. The Bangŭl had
only his shirt on and his legs I saw
were covered with stuff like swans down
- he said this was "Doctor's feather"
(Bangŭl [space left]). He put out the
fire in the rag and sate down by the
sick man and rubbed him where
the pain was and sucked the place
and sucked out pieces of stone and
bottle. The man got better. The Doctor
said he had brought the rag from
the [Wimmera - crossed out] Avoca where a man had it
tied on a yam stick roasting before the

The way men do this is to get something
belonging to the person they wish to kill.
Hair, [some - crossed out] a piece of their clothes, a bone that
have eaten from anything of theirs, then tie it

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