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Kulin Gestures
Enemies [underlined] (1) sign for man (2) sign for many (3) sign for far distance.
Enough [underlined] (1) hold out hand fingers spread
= many, much (2) make sign for “I.”
(3) shake head , or (4) make sign for (no more, none)
Eye [underlined] touch the eye with fore finger.
Female . Woman. [underlined] Place the hand on breast
the fingers [slightly cup or - crossed out] separated and
bent so as to indicate a breast.
Fire [underlined] (1) Exhale a quick breath – mouth being
widely open ; or (2) point to the fire .
Friend. [underlined] (Friendly black) (1) sign for
man . (2) sign for “you” (3) sign for “I”). ——
Ghosts [underlined]. cross the hands upon breast;
shut the eyes and snore with mouth
Glad . content . [underlined] pleased. Pat the breasts
with both hands .
[good - crossed out] Grave . Make a circle close to you of about 18 inches in the
air with extended right hand & arm
Hear [underlined], to, point to the ear with fore finger.
Hot, [underlined] Exhale a quick breath with mouth wide
Hungry .[underlined] Extend both hand [sic] and arms up wards to
their full extent, so as to exhibit the stomach
drawn inwards.
Look, to see [underlined] touch eye with forefinger of right hand.
Man [underlined] Indicate with both hands the outline
of a full beard from the chin downwards.
Old man [underlined] then touch a white object.
Moon [underlined] Hold right hand a little in front of
face palm nearly vertical, back of hand to left side ; then describe a circle about a foot diameter
from left to right, keeping the back of hand
outwards. (see today +c).
No. not [underlined] shake the head twice .
None ; all gone [underlined] [Hol- crossed out] Shake the hand in front
of breast; fingers slightly separated and bent.

[Marginal text]
I or Me [underlined]
place right hand
on breast

half or half way =
Left hand palm upward;
clasp it with right hand
so that right thumb lies
along inside of Knuckle
joints of fingers ; other
fingers at back of knuckles.

Mourning = imitate
the action of rubbing
pipe clay over head
and face

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