Kulin signs

Question What is it? What is the matter?
Pass right hand palm outwards from in front of left breast up to at 45ᵒ from horizon to a little beyond line of for say 18 inches; hold f steady for a moment and let fall. When raising up hand, jerk chin upwards.
[Marginal text:
or raise right hand to level of face – back to right side – then wave it to right and hold up a moment before letting fall, at same time jerk up chin]
Look to, see point to eye with forefinger of right hand, then in direction indicated.
Run Double the fists and with elbows bent make alternate motions circular motions with each fist in in front to imitate the motions of legs running. Done rapidly indicates speed.
See - seeing same sign as eye – then extend finger in direction indicated.
Shield Hold left hand up a little higher than shoulder – in front and with fingers bent as if holding the handle of the shield vibrate the hand rapidly.
Spear Imitate with both hands the action of placing a spear in the rest of the throwing stick.
Sleep . Incline head upon open hand towards shoulder.
Small . little . describe a small circle – say one inch diameter f with the fore finger.
Snake Hold ha right hand in front palms downwards all fingers and thumb [...] clenched, except forefinger which is extended; then make a zigzag movement downwards.
Sun , day Point to east; then indicate course of sun to western horizon.
Thirsty. Smack the lips as if mouth were very dry.
Tired Point successively to thighs & feet and support small of back with hands – move slowly forward.

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