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The only ceremonies they use preparatory to marriage are in the first place to get their
parents' consent, the suitor's best claim is being a good fighter and an expert
hunter – so as to be able to protect and provide for a family. X some have
five or six wives and others none at all. If a man wishes to have a man’s grown
up sister for wife he must give his own – if he has one – in exchange. p 51
For Buckley re elopement p 62. or see also K & K ———

[at bottom of page 4 groupings of descent rules]
M Wa
F Bunjil

M Waa M Bunjil
F Bunjil F Waa
M Waa F Bunjil
F Bunjil M Waa
M Waa

M Waa M Bunjil
M Waa F Bunjil
M Waa

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