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7 As to such a set fight – see Buckley p 41.
one of our men advanced singly as a sort of champion; he then began to dance
and sing and beat himself about with his war implements; presently they all sate
down and he seated himself also. For a few minutes all was silent; then
our champion stood up and commenced dancing and singing again.
Seven or eight of x x our opponents then get up also and threw their spears at him;
but with great dexterity he warded them off or broke them every one so that he did
not receive a single wound. Then they threw their boomerangs at him, but he
warded them off also with ease. After this one man advanced as a sort of
champion for their party to within three yards of him, and threw [a - crossed out] his boomerang
but the other avoided the blow by falling on his hands and knees [and - crossed out] xx
[Instantly jumping - crossed out]. At seeing this the enemy shouted out in their language
“Enough” and the two men went and embraced other.
p 41

[written sideways above, with line to champion in the 4th line]
This seems to have been
a settlement of feuds by
both tribes -
Qu- what preceded
+ followed this
+ what

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