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Jer-owa-bil = Bellying the radial muscles.
Inside of the Elbow joint [underlined] = Tham – bŭr = round spot
Ber – bert [underlined] = Biceps = Ringtail possum i.e. the place
where a strip[s - crossed out] of Ringtail possum pelt is laid round on some
festive occasions.
Shoulder joint [underlined] = wūling
tr Krakerap [underlined] = collar bone = the place of the bag
i.e. the place where is the band suspending the
[Gourn b - crossed out]
Neck [underlined] = gūrnbert = necklace (place)
Lobe of ear [underlined] = [gr- crossed out] Kŭrnagor = the end of a hill
or point of a spear
Side suture of the skull (sagital?) = ngarabūl =
a range (Hill).
tr Bŭndale = top of head the cutting place; i.e
the place where the mourner cuts himself
with some sharp instrument. I have heard of
a woman killing herself with a sharp tomahawk
when cutting herself in an agony of grief.
Tulaba’s head is all scarred with such wounds.
From Bŭdaga to cut e.g. Bŭdagat Kalk = cut
the log. ———————

7 In an arranged fight – say for killing a man
of the Waa class. All the Bunjil men connected
with the aggressor would be collected on one side
under their Headman and all the Waa
men connected with the victim under their Headman
on the other. The avengers would throw spears
at the defendant until either he was
killed, was incapacitated from further defence
or until his Headman called out “Enough”.
William said that he did not remember a case
when the Kūlin had refused to obey the mandate
of a [ng - crossed out] Headman on such an occasion.

[written in left side margin]

Write to Ogilvie
for an account of
the set fight he
saw at Sandy Ck.

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