William gave a further illustration of his belief
as to Dreams:
“The Mūrŭps can get food any where. With
their little things like spears they can get Kangaroos
Emus – any animals. Besides the Whitefellows
Mūrŭps can do the same – they have
carts and bullock drays and can get food,
apples and bread anywhere, because
no one can see them.

Once when I was asleep I dreamed I was
in a gully in the ranges; the piece of rock I
sate on slid down the gully with me. Then
I stood up and looked round and I saw
a big rock before me. I said “Hallo! because
when I looked at it I saw it was stuck all
over with gold. I dreamed this three times.
I dreamed I was going out for wallaby and
I never was at that place before. My Mūrŭp
had gone into the mountains. Every time
I go out into the mountains I try to find
this gully. I cannot find it yet – it must be
further out. My Mūrŭp has not taken me
to it yet.

Not only [is - crossed out] was each human individual supposed
[by William - crossed out] by the Kūlin according to King William
to have a Mūrŭp but each animal was also
supposed to have one. For instance as he said
“The Mūrŭp of a possum is just like a possum
– the wirriraps can see it”.

As an instance he told the following: -
“The Mūrŭp give the Coroboree songs to the
Wiriraps. A man called Kŭrbūrū who
lived at Dandenong used to be able
to tell the Kūlin when the Berbira were
coming after them to catch them.

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