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some women were getting Būr-rit out of the
lagoons for food up near Benalla they left
their babies in the possum rugs a little
way off. Then Būnjil came and saw
the babies messing about and caught one
up in his claws and flew off to his
nest. The Baby was crying out all the way.
The women and men ran after,
and the baby's father tried to climb
up the tree with his stone tomahawk – then
Būnjil flew further off with the baby
and all the people ran after him
but he flew away and they never
saw the poor baby any more”.
The last illustration he gave was this: -
There is a bird called Jūnū jūnūt
– it is like a morepoke – has a large yellow
mouth. It is very true bird. I remember
it once came very close to where some
of our people were camped and began
to shout out to them “Jūnūt jūnūt”.
Then the Kūlin were sure that it was
telling them that [enemies - crossed out] wild blacks were coming after
them and sate up all night and
watched. In the morning it was some of
their friends who came up”. ——
Djeitgun is called Worngorūk

Yeerung is called Būnjil Boroin

Bor-o-in = dark

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