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Blood feud 3 27

the Echuca men who were to throw at him
in front of their friend in a mob. They threw
so many spears and boomerangs at him
that I cannot count them – there were nine or
ten of the Echuca men throwing at him.
At last a [spear-crossed out] a reed spear went through his
side. Just then – it was about ten o’clock
in the morning – a [man - crossed out] Headman from the Seymour
blacks who had heard what was going
to be done came up. He had followed
after the Echuca men. He came in
between the Echuca men and us and
shouted out “Enough” “Enough” – then
he said to the Echuca men – why do
you come here – you should go
home to your own country. The
spear throwing was then stopped. They
had had blood and all were
friends. We had a very great corroboree
after that at which all these people joined.

Yarra men
Seymour King
Echuca men
Westernport Headman
Capt Turnbull
Mt Macedon Geelong

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