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Why the Native Campanion [ha - crossed out] hatches only one egg

Long ago [when - crossed out] the Native campanion and the Emu
were black people. The Emu did not like to see the
Native campanion with so many children so he
took all his own away and hid them [with - crossed out] except
one. Then he went to the Native companion and
said “why do you let yourself be troubled with so
many children – see how comfortable I am -
with only one. The Native companion replied “Yes
it is very well for you with only one – children are
a great trouble - only what can I do – I have so
many”. “You had better kill all but one” said
the Emu. “I don't want to kill my children”
said the Native companion – “You take my
advice” said the Emu and “you will be
much better off” – So the Native companion
killed all his children but one. Then
the Emu brought all his children out
and said “See how much better off I am
than you”. Since then the Native companion
has only had one child ________________

The River Turtles
Formerly the river turtles were very wicked
people. They had a log over the deep
part of the River and when the blackfellows
went over it the Turtle turned it round
and threw the people in and they were
all drowned.

The Berrinŭn
Once there was a very wicked creature called
Berrinŭn. [He put some black fellows - crossed out]
He went to [see - crossed out] where some blackfellows had
killed a Kangaroo. He put a stone in his
mouth cheek and pretended he was in great pain

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The Blind Snake

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