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The Songs

Turnbull was buried near Bacchus
at Tŭllŭrwill, in the Kŭrŭng-jerŭng
, of the Werribiyalluk R. Not his
country not far off – His country was Gisborne
and the hill near Gisborne - Bullanyaruck.
Yarŭk killed him I think from Echuca.
He died about the time the Brighton
Railway was made and the Railway to Geelong.
His mūrŭp came to his [brothe - crossed out] younger
brother - Wenberri and sang this
song in him when he slept:
Tui gar ngal a ngilaba nallūga
Let us go there bone all
dí u [gillan - crossed out] dirún-ding nga Dŭllŭr =Dullur willurt
all shining white ([on that -crossed out] this?) (country)
= willuit [wá-wein dŭn - crossed out]
wa neindŭng
the rushing noise of
[nŭng - crossed out] Bŭnjil main menngalá
Bunjil father of [we two - crossed out] ours
yaw-a- būllūk
yēnnin thŭllŭrmeik nga
singing in my chest this
wūrngállūk gueik [lugeik - crossed out]
in my inside

This almost makes me cry.
Wenberri used to sing this song.

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