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[49c - crossed out]

Captain Turnbull was the brother of the paternal grandmother of
Berak. He was Bunjil. He lived where the Bush Inn is and
lived under a hill near there (Garangill). Turnbull took
care of the stone quarry where tomahawks were procured – He
took care of it for all the tribe (Woiworung). Hence he was
called Ningūlabŭl = stone tomahawk.

Bilbilary married Turnbull's sister. He was Waa.


The Woiwurung obtained wives from distant places. For instance
beyond Mt Macedon + the Goulburn River. If a man
of the Yarra River obtained a wife from the Goulburn – a
woman from the Yarra went there in exchange. The man
went at times to see his wife's father. If the old man were
ill – he went there also to take care of him and it was
his duty to provide him with much food (game) and also
to give him presents of rugs, +c. These gifts were called
Ngŭl-lŭrp = Mŭk-jeak. But the man did not
join his [fathers - crossed out] wife's father's side in case of war.
Yet he would on no account injure the old men
if they met in a fight.

[written in left side margin]

Capt Turnbull ― sister



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