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frightened at seeing the two boys. Bunjil "said get
me a possum I am very hungry. All right"
there is a possum in that stump - I cannot get
him – I want to rest myself. Kokum went
up – went to the hole - went in he was frightened
- but went down - Bunjil got a big stone and
shut him up and said you shall be Kokum
– a bird – no more a blackfellow.
TádjeriKūlin brother bajerak brother

Little finger = tadjeri - hair like young possum – in holes of trees –
less than native cat.
next finger - tŭrnŭng – like a mouse in holes of trees
middle next finger – yū-kope – parakeet – green … musk?
forefinger – dan-tŭn – goes in mobs – blue fan – red breast – green body
thumb – djŭrt-djurt – buff hawk – migrates, another hawk that hovers over the game
thumb of right hand – thara – little Hawk

He - sends jurt-jurt to see all people are
Bunjil sent them in couples
Tadgeri get mūng
Bunjil lets tadgery + tūrning - and sends them to finish
the ngarang - all these 6 are Bunjil's boys
he sends them to all the country - to keep ngarang from the
people -
thara + jŭrt jŭrt belong to Bunjil side

Kurnai Kurnai
narrin - nge - ganne ganne are [at - crossed out] the people
to whom you belong - William narrin nge Kun
Kun are his Ngourmajeri - about Kew
[a n - crossed out] waang stole the fire and is on ngarrang's

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Stephen Morey

This page relates to six animals, described as 'Bunjil's sons' who are remembered / related to / refer to six fingers (little, ring, middle, index and both thumbs) and were sent, it seems, by Bunjil to protect people from a devil, the Ngarang

Stephen Morey

These six animals are also named in Howit (1904: 128) as being stars. On that page Howitt gives the species names for each one