Billibilly - Melbourne
had partner up the Yarra
another partner (?) Berwick

Kangaroo If I dream of Kangaroos round me
and one coming towards me I know that the
people in that direction have my yarūk
I tell the wirrarapp - [By a - crossed out] He say hello you
are burn up to so + so - [by a - crossed out] [??] you had [??]
or they [??] not [??] [??] by and bye all [??]
By and bye when the [??] he flew away
and get the [??] - and brings back my
yaruk. He tells me to put it in a running river to
wash out the Yarūk and he goes up through the [??]
and puts the [??] in the water up there.

(merung= door)
give wirarap presents + always remember him.

Porcupine - when I rub porcupine fat on him and
put a bit in his mouth then he [?may?] eat it.
I rubbed Charley Foster with some yuckan
Bear fat - or Yuckan wadthan

When a man cr
Bongarin - tall man next to
says - [if you - crossed out] did you send the
[??] [??] +c
Bongarin says to Billebilly - the old man
tell [??] not to do so any more
- the old man will give us notice by and bye when
the people speak about the stone tomahawk
Billebilly says "all right"

Bongarin stands up - the speaker stands
up - no weapons there.

sometimes old men say to each other come
after breakfast he will consult +c

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