Council regarding an offender against individual rights

When a man went by stealth and took tomahawk
stone without sending notice Billbillary did not kill him but he sent
a messenger to his tribe (Geelong) and his people
came with him and met the Mt Macedon people
near the Werribee River. [Bill - crossed out] The men met
at a place apart from the camp. The
old men sitting near each other and
the younger men with them. The Geelong men
sate together and Billbillary and the
Mt Macedon men together. [The p - crossed out] Billbillary
had beside him the man to whom he
“gave the word” and who spoke for him. His
name was Bungarin. Bungarin standing
up spoke. He said did some of you send
this young man to take tomahawk stone.
The old man of the Geelong people said “No
we sent no one”. Then [Bungarin - crossed out] Billbillary said
to Bungarin “[Tell them the youn - crossed out] Say to the old men
to tell the young man not to do so any more;
when the people speak about wanting
tomahawks the old men will send us
notice”. The Geelong men said “All right
he will do so”. [Billbillary replied - crossed out] Then
the Geelong old men "bounced" the young
man and after we were all friends again.
At such a council the speakers all
stand up when addressing the people
and the weapons were left at the Camps.

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