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Stone Tomahawks

The right to [the - crosssed out] hunt and procure food in area of country [which belonged to - crossed out] occupied by a certain
family or group of families – (strictly speaking
to the males only) carried with it other
proprietary rights. For instance the paternal
uncles ? of William BeirūkBillibillari
claimed the country on which was situated
the quarry from which stone was procured
for making tomahawk heads X
With him [were his - crossed out] as co occupier were his
brother and the son of his sister + who was
married to a man of the Mt Macedon tribe (see contra A),
and also William's father Be-be-jem
who lived at [Melbour - crosssed out] the Yarra.
Billibellari lived at the quarry to take care
of it – and when he went away his
nephew went to mind it. When the
neighbouring tribes wanted stone for tomahawks
they usually sent a messenger to Billibellary
to that they would take up possum rugs
and other things if he would give them
stone for them. When they arrived they camped
round about the place. Billibillary’s
father when he was alive split up the
stones and gave it away for presents
such as rugs, weapons, ornaments,
- belts necklaces – three pieces of stone were
given for a possum rug. People sometimes
gave presents in advance to get stones
by and bye. I have heard Billebillary
say to the people when they came

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X give [?brief?] def.

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quote Buckley

+ This sister was married
to a man of the tribe at
Bacchus Marsh
therefore not an Ūrundjeri
and yet he had a share in
the tomahawk ground
– probably others had
The tomahawk
place he says is in
a break in the Dividing
about SW from

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