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“I am glad to see you and I will give
you all you want and make you
satisfied, but you must behave quietly
and not hurt me nor one another”.
If however people came up without
giving notice there would be a great
row and a fight. Sometimes men
came by stealth to steal stone
Billebillary's sister (Waang) was married to
a man of the Kūrnŭngillŭm tribe; this
man was Būnjil. He was next in Authority
to Captain Turnbull. It was his son who
helped Billibillary to take care of stone quarry.
[Mt Macedon was in - crossed out] The East half of Mt Macedon
belonged to the Ūrŭnjeri; the West half belonged
to the Kūrnŭng willŭm [tr- crossed out] tribe which extended
up to near Daylesford – and as far as
Būllan creek. Mt Blackwood belonged to
the Wirrarap “Malcolm” (see as to him elsewhere)
who was of the Kri – ballŭk. The Ūrūnjeri
got wives from the Kūrnŭng willŭm and
the Kri – ballŭk – and gave them women
in turn. ————
Turnbull father
Turnbull W

Bili W ― sister W ― Bili

Son B

[written in left side margin]
wives from
+ to

Winberi- (Waa [?Mart?])

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