The origin of a great Feud [with - crossed out] between
the Westernport Blacks and Gippsland blacks
A long time ago – long before the white man came
to Melbourne – a number of Mordiallock people
went down to the Tarwin to feast on native cabbage.
When they [cam - crossed out] got there they found everything eaten
up – for a lot of [Gi - crossed out] Port Albert blacks had been
there and devoured everything eatable. They
were very angry and having sent back their
women to [Da - crossed out] Berwick – this country
belonged to the blacks from BerwickBunyip
down to the Tarwin they followed the Gippsland
blacks and killed several. Then the
Gippsland blacks retaliated by making
a party and going into Westernport
Several of their parties went to and fro
and [??] Gippsland & Westernport blacks
were never friends after. One of these
raids was when the Gippsland blacks
got [?into?] Jamieson house by the roof
and threw out the flour and took
the bags away - and took a [?rabbit?] with

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