The stars
[Bunjil Fomalhaut - crossed out] Altair is Bunjil and
γ and ε Piscis Australis are his wives .
His six sons are as follows
α centauri = Thara
β. centauri = Djŭrt Djürt
These two have all red color and are the
ones that burned all the country from Gippsland
to beyond the Murray. Thara is being carried
by Djŭrt Djŭrt.
[β cru - crossed out] α crucis = Yukope green parakeet
β crucis = Dan tun - Blue Mountain parrot
[A - crossed out] Achernar =Tadjeri – Phascolgale penicillata ?
Star in a line with Achernar & Sirius = Turnŭng
Tadjeri and Turnŭng overlook the
whole world and watch it.
[?Canopus?] = a companion of Loh-an
which is Sirius. Loh-an is like a
blackfellow and lives on an island
off Wilson’s Promontory. He belongs to the
“Bad country”. This Bad country extends
from Gardiners Creek & Nunnawadding
[round - crossed out] all over Westernport – and into
Gippsland beyond Sale. A Blackfellow
going there may be injured if he is touched
by the people living in it or receives food
directly from their hands. For instance
when William first went to Gippsland
Old Morgan who belongs to the “Bad
Country” gave him some 'possum
at the end of a stick in order that
he might not injure him. This
is the way that Loh-an gives [?possum?]
to the blacks of the “Bad Country”.

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When Bunjil


See the note
about Lohan

See the
notes about
the Bad Country

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Stephen Morey

This page relates to the stars that Bunjil and his family became after being blown up into the sky. The next page (67) contains the song about this event. The six sons of Bunjil are also listed on p53

Stephen Morey

Although the spelling of the star that Tadjeri became looks like Achemar, the accepted international spelling is Achernar.