Stars (3) 46
The people do not like to see this bird
injured .
Karat gūrnin - a lot of men
Karat –gūrŭk - a lot of women
- gūrŭk - woman or female
When any one kills the naribarm gūrūk
(mūlan = shadow of the Karat-gūrŭk) people
are very angry. It is buried wrapped up
in a little possum rug and the women cry over it.


The Ūrŭnjeri [divi. - crossed out] clan of the Kūlin

There were three “mobs”: (divisions)
(1) 2. That of Bebejan at Darebin Ck, Heidelberg, Yan Yean
i.e the Plenty country.
1. [ditto] Billibillary from Melbourne up the East side
of the Saltwater river and western branch up
to half of Mt Macedon
(2) 3. that of Jackey Jackey Yarra flats and
and Northern slope of Dandenong Mts
William’s Mothers Country -

William's mother came from
the Nourailŭm ballŭk at
(3) 4. of the Boi-berrit -thŭn-willŭm (language) – who lived near Sunbury
under the headman Bŭng-erim

These mobs were called:
(1) and (2) which belonged to each other
Kŭrnáge – berreing – Yanan from Castellas to
Saltwater River
(3) the Real Urŭnjiri (4) Boiberrit – thŭn willim.
N.B These divisions require to be
revised with a map.

[written in the left side margin]
The constellation of the “Bat”
seems to be part of Phoenix
* * wife
* Balayang
* wife

1 + 2 = Kŭrnáje-berre-ing
3 = The[Boi berrit - thun-willum (language) who lived near Sunbury make a headman Bung-erim these mobs here are called:
(1) and (2) which belonged to cach? oche?
Kurnage her being- Yanan for Caslettes? by salt-water River
(3) The real wruujeri? (4) Doiberret-thin willim.
No 13 These divisions refere to the ? with a map.crossed out] urunjeri

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