Called by Braika and Bratra Wea-wuk the Bad country
The Bad country called by the Woerwurung language Marine Bek-Bek country the flush of game men Marine-qui-alp? (ji-ak of Kunan .
The native men Marine barn (yarn of Kamai)

All the country between the Yarra River
[from about Lilyd - crossed out] up as far as Gardner Ck
- then by Gardner Ck up to Dandenong then
by source of Dandenong Ck +c+c up to
Latrobe River; thence by right bank of
Latrobe to Lake then by Lake to Lakes Entrance
then by sea coast to mouth of Murray
was called “the bad country” -----------
It included the Westernport blacks
– the Bratawalung the Talungalang
(called by Tommy Hoddenot Katungal)
This country was regarded as very
injurious to strangers. If a strange black
came onto it on a visit it was necessary
that he should have some one to “look
after him”. It was necessary during
this first visit that he should never
be left alone without some one to see to
him; if his guardian went hunting
or fishing he deputed some one in his
stead. The visitor was fed with
[m - crossed out] food from the point of a stick
[which - crossed out] and he took it in his teeth and
not in his hands; this food of meat
was smoked; water that he drank
was stirred with a smoked stick;
he was not allowed to sit or sleep
on the ground except in a raised
couch of branches and leaves which
were also well smoked, to keep off
the evil influence of the country.
[This is - crossed out] The care of the visitor extended
even to his being asleep and in calls of nature.

[written at top of page]
called by [the - crossed out] Braiaka & Braha

called in the Woé-wūrŭng language
márine Bek – (Bek = country)
the flesh of game was márine-quiap
(ji-ak of [Kulin - crossed out] Kurnai )
the water was márine barn
(yam of [Kulin - crossed out] Kurnai)

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