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Great Meetings

At the great meetings of tribes the old men
consulted and arranged which of the young
women should be sent away – that is young
women who had become marriageable.
This was important because where a man had
a sister married in another tribe her brother
could go there and return in safety
and carry messages. To these great
meetings presents were brought – and given
to the principal men who distributed them
among the young men and the old men
also gave the young men [permission - crossed out] leave to
go and visit the places where their sisters
have gone to “to go there quietly and not to do
harm to anyone”.

At the great meetings for “ Wang Kŭn"
- when the ceremonies are over and they are
settling up everything before going home
people exchange presents and swap
their rugs, weapons, corroboree costumes
+c with each other. It is like an auction.
--- yet William says this of the Woiworŭng.
“What the Gippsland blacks call “Jeraeil” is called “Jibauk
A boy was made a young man by being taken by some man

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