The 6 Totems

Besides the Djurt-djŭrt and Thara
[who are the - crossed out] there are four others who are
Bunjils boys. The blackfellows remember
them by counting on their hand one
hand & thumb) they are as follows -
Little finger left hand – Tadjeri – a small animal with hair
like an opossum – less than a native cat – with a tail
brushy at the end that lives in the holes of trees.
Ring Finger – Tŭrnŭng – a small animal like a mouse
that live in holes in trees.
Middlefinger – Yū-kope - green parakeet.
It flies swiftly in flocks
Forefinger – Dan-tŭn – a small bird that goes
in flocks – blue head, red breast, green body.
Thumb – Djŭrt-djŭrt – a small hawk
buff colored back and light breast & belly
that hovers over the ground.
Thumb – right hand – Thara - the quail hawk
or swamp hawk.

(NB. Thara & Djurt Djurt - should be [??])
Bunjil uses these to learn what people are
doing. He sends them in couples
Tŭrnŭng and Tadjeri (and so on).
They have all got much mŭng.
Bunjil sends Tadjeri + Turnung and the four others to protect
people from the Ngarang. He sends Djurt Djurt
and Thara to fly about and tell him what
people are doing and also to look after Ngarang.
Waang (the crow) is on the side of Ngarang
because he [2 words illeg] fire and is against
the six boys of Bunjil.

The Emu- Native Companion - Crow - Eagle
were once blackfellows

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