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On the N west side of Mt Macedon and
about Kyneton were the Gal-gal-Ballŭk
– Their [the - crossed out] Ngŭnŭngeit partner of Capt. Turnbull, was
King Bobby. If Capt Turnbull wanted
to bring some people up from further
north he would tell King Bobby who
would send the word to them. All
these people were Kūlin.

Another Jajowrong tribe was the Learga bŭllŭk
who lived on the sources of the Campaspe.
The Kalk Kalk goondeich [at the - crossed out] near
the Gal Gal Bulluk; the Wŭrŭng-
lived also near
the Gal gal bulluk. The Gal Gal būllŭk
lived west of Mt Macedon about Kyneton.
The Tonembur-lang-gūndeith lived
in the upper Loddon River
[and the - crossed out] These all spoke the Jajowrong language
Williams language is Weyworŭng.

Boundaries of the Urŭndjeri

Up the Salt water river to near Sunbury then
to the centre of Mt Macedon, thnce round the
sources of the Salt water river, [striking off - crossed out] then along the
[Northwards a little beyond Kilmore; then across - crossed out] Dividing Range to
[by - crossed out] the source of the Plenty River – round
the watershed of the Yarra River; the
northern slopes of the Dandenong Mountain, by
Running creek [across between Gardners Creek - crossed out] to the north of Nunawading
to Gardners Creek; then down the
Yarra to [Hobsons - crossed out] the Saltwater River.
Emerald Hill and Sandridge belonged
to the Coast blacks who extended
round from Geelong.

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