It was always said that the
Leargabŭllŭk people at the sources of the
Campaspe had [the rain - crossed out] power over
the rain. Thunder & lightning came
from the (Tharangalk beck) [beyond the - crossed out] country beyond the sky
[sky - crossed out] and do not belong to this country
but only came here to smash the trees
and then go away ________________

The Bull roarer

The Bau-beráugan I have seen
used as a plaything by the young people
from Bunyip down to the Tarwin.

Chief’s wives

The wives of Headmen could tell the young
women of the camp to do things for them
just as their husbands could tell the
young men.

Headmen and game

If a Headman went out to hunt
with his “partners” and killed a wallaby
he would give it to one to carry; if he
killed another he would give it to the
other; if he killed none and they
had a heavy load he would carry
some himself.

[mom- crossed out] Widows

Widows went to brother own or tribal
If no brother then her father or her brother
disposed of her. Never saw widows
common to the young men.

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