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P 111 Mŭrring = tomahawk
mŭrrnig - ái - gálko – handle of
Geelong word = Kalatung = tomahawk
The Ūrŭndjeri - the country belonging
to them – William's father's country.
Up East side of Deep Creek - to Yan Yean
- Kangaroo ground - up to the
Head of the Yarra at Baw Baw
- all the natives of Yarra down to
Richmond. From Father to son.
They would not quarrel with friendly tribes
country to hunt there.
p. 49 very common to exchange food
- to please each other and as a
friendly act . The sea coast men took
fish – those inland sent possums
The Ngurungaeta would say to the young men
“now all you young fellows you go out
and get plenty of possums and give
them to those people – don’t give them
raw ones but roast them p 49

Kangaroo killed by William I being present
Take out inside – not skinned unless want
skin. Then roast him.
William & his wife & children – one fore quarter.
To me - a leg or if I like a fore quarter
William father & mother, arm & head.
Wife father & mother – leg and back, sent by the wife.
Tail to any one there.

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