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Food division (custom)
Five possums killed by hunter : Himself one,
two to wife father, two to wife brother.
Emu divided – and also all kinds of
The woman also divides the food she
collects – to her father & brother and to
husbands father – in fact whenever
food is found is divided.
[Even when William got one - crossed out]
[possum not, say - crossed out] But if a man
only procures just enough for himself
and his family then he does not divide
– but if he finds that his father had none
he would give it him and look for
more. If his wifes father had none
and no son there to go and get one
he would give it him; if her brother
in law furnished his father and
William had none then
[the - crossed out] his wifes father [would send him - crossed out] would give her some
[some by her - crossed out] and she would divide
it with her husband.

The old people – both old men and
old women – I have heard often say that
people should divide their food with
others – with the old people and children
particularly. They said that Bunjil
did not like that people should
be fighting and killing each other
but that he was pleased when they
provided for old people and children

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