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[diagram of camp arrangements for 6 family groupings]

1. William wife & child
2. W. brother [ditto]
3. W. Father & Mother
5. Dandenong friends
6. Young men
4. William wife father & mother

behind Will's wife fath & moth camp is
a screen of boughs
Buckley's friends were at Geelong
Bacchus Marsh, Werribee, Mordialluk
– I know this because they told me this.
His lot were the Geelong tribe - Wŭdthewrung

Wife's mother

A woman if cannot “see” or speak to her
daughter's husband, or his brother – they
thought that if she did her hair and
theirs would turn white

In order to prevent any such consequences, the old
woman does as follows: a man sends
provisions to his wife's father by his wife. The old
man says to his wife – you had better
eat this; she rubs up charcoal in her
hands and smears it over her face -
cheeks – mouth & chin. This being done
she eats the provisions without fear
of her [or his - crossed out] hair turning white or that of
her daughter's husband.

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