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William knew one man who had
six [wife - crossed out] wives – some were from Yeerŭng illŭm
and some Leuk willŭm (near Campaspe
near Kilmore). The man was Waring illum
(Muddy creek). This man was
not old – just beginning to be grey – he had
so many [promis - crossed out] wife because he
was a great hunter of possums –
and the old men gave him their
daughters – because he could
give them plenty of possums.
William says he never [he - crossed out] knew a
man who did not some time get a wife.
The old people would not let him have
a wife until he could provide for one

[William calls the "message places" - crossed out]
[in the arm over the head - crossed out]

William [knew - crossed out] heard of a case at Kew [when they - crossed out]
when Billy Billary’s father died
and a cousin of Billy's a young man
– they burned him. This was before
whitefellow came – William was a
boy. A woman's yam stick was stuck
in the ground – a man's murriwun
was placed in his grave. But this only where
the man was harmless – if he had
been a bad man they would not
give him any weapons
Ngámat – is the place where the sun goes
down to – the whitefellow was supposed
to have come from there.

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