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Tarung-oura - burning – like the
inside of a burnt kiln on fire.
This is a Westernport word meaning
some fire burning under the ground.
The Ngamat is when the sun goes down –
that is when it is so red – the Tarung-oura
is there. [The Westernport blacks - crossed out] The sunset
red colours are called Kar–alk.
When a person died he was supposed to
go to the Kar-alk. When the body is
burned and the Mūrŭp goes to the
Ngamat – and causes the Karalk.
When he comes back he is Ngamajet.
This is the Westernport belief. ---
William's people called the sky Kar-alk.

The sun

People said the Sun was a woman, the sister
of every body. She has a lot of sisters.
[Th - crossed out] She went round by the sea at night and
reappeared in the morning.

The Moon

An eclipse of the moon was supposed to be the
blood and mūrup of some person killed
which got in it. This showed that people had
been killed a long way off.

Once the moon was once people in
this world. It wanted to give the old Kūlin
a drink of water so that when they died
they could after two or three days
come back fresh. The Bronzewing
pigeon would not agree to this but wanted
wanted [sic] them not to have any so
that when men died and went
away they would not come back again.

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