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Moon was very vexed at this
The moon goes into ngamat
and walks round by the sea like
the sun. The new moon is supposed to have
got full of water

Did not think any thing about
falling stars.

When they saw the Aurora they were
alarmed lest the Tharan-galk (Heaven) should
come down.
The Kūlin were very careful of old people
and children.
When a man became so old that he could
not travel his son carried him from camp
to camp – or his brothers or sisters sons
or his brother in law wifes brother or his daughter's husband.
Similarly an old woman was carried
by her daughter, a brother or sister's daughter
or her son's wife.

The Kūlin spoke of Būnjil as Mamingata = one [should read 'our']
father”. This William says was done before any
white men in Victoria except Buckley who was with the
Geelong blacks.

Mamingék = my father
Maming - ngénne = thy [ditto]
Maming–u-Káthūp = his [ditto]
[Our fathe - crossed out]
Manung ngáta = our father
Maming ngŭlla = our father (dual number)
Maming thŭnna = their father. Plural number
mamale ngūtta your father (plural number)
mamena bulŭnda their father (dual number)
mamena Bulla [būlŭnda - crossed out] = your father (dual number)

[written in left side margin]
see [note - crossed out]
extract re
[??] Phillip
at Port Philip Heads

these [??]
[??] + Robertson

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