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[Major Captain - crossed out] Sergeant Major a Jajawrung from St Arnaud said that
beyond his country were no more Jajauwrung but other tribes.
(He knew the Jupagulk among them). He is Kilpara, from
his mother who was Kilpara from her mother who came
from the country in which the extreme flood waters of
the Wimmera run out in the Mallee.

He is Kilpara – also gamutch – also Bunjil – and is
Moiwilluk and Wartwŭt.

When dies would be buried to the west of North.

Doctor (Old Major also Captain Harrison) is Garchuka and will be
buried north. They all did this.

Captain said that Gamutch & Krokitch extended
west a long way towards Wellington & down beyond Mt Gambier
where “another language came in & people that would kill
him if he went among them. He also knew the tribes on
the Murray, Tatathi, Muthi-muthi,Wathi Wathi, up to
where about Hay another “language” came in where
the Wiradgery were.

It is evident through that these tribes above St Arnaud
were the connecting links between the Krokitch & Gamutch and
the Bunjil & Waang classes – the border tribes of the
Jajawrong. The class names were held thus according
to him:
Gamutch = Waang = Mukwara
Krokitch = Bunjil = Kilpara

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Stephen Morey

This page contains information gleaned from Sergeant Major