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The Ūurŭnjeri should be written Wūrŭn
which is the River white gum = E. Viminalis.
The Warin or Waring is the sea which extends
all round from Geelong.
The boundary between the Wŭdthau’rungWūdthauworung and
the Woëworung was at the Werribee-yallŭk (river)
The former went inland as far as the Anakies
and further west to the Leigh River and their
great meetings with the tribe from about Ballarat
were held at Mt Emu (per Johnny Philips).

The Boon’orung Boonworung extended from the Saltwater River
along the coast Eastward.

William Berak remembers [the - crosssed out] some of the Kulin
from the Buffalo River coming to a great meeting
near Melbourne. They were the Mogullum bitch tribe,
and their Head man was called Kallakallap, who
had great influence and was listened to.

He also some [sic] of the Theddora-mittung from
beyond the country of the Mogullum-bitch, also came to a great meeting
held before but at which Kallakalap was. They came
as friends the Kulin of the Dandenong mountains (look these up).

Note This being the case the Kulin of the Dandenong mountains
could only have come to know the Theddora-mittung by meeting
them in the summer haunts in the mountains
eg [at - crossed out] in the country between the head of the Yarra & the
head of the Buffalo River, unless they met at some
great meeting say in the country of the tribes about

The Redgum is called Bial by the Woeworung.
Banksia integrifola – Kurnai (Brabra) Bírren
Woëworung = Wūrait

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Here it is clear that Bírren is the Kurnai (Brabra) term for Banksia integrifola 'Native Honeysuckle'.