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Mt Macedon = Jura.-waite, the place where
Ningqualaval = Capt. Turnbull lived.
[Flats - crossed out]
Flats on Saltwater River, at Flemington +c Bolok-willum.
Parliament House & about it Ngár-go = net bag worn by men
over their shoulders.
Richmond & Collingwood higher parts Qwo-wung = “dead
about Burnley, Koϊ-wirip – ti tree. Much nice greenery
there. (Koowerup?)
Collingwood Flat. Yalla-birrang = wooden point of reed spear.
G. P. office Turr-ák = junction of little gullie.
North & West Melbourne, Yerndavilla.
BrunswickBulleke-bek from Bullek = flat country
Royal Park Quirnong
Malvern Rising ground between Ry St + junction of Wattle Tree
and Dandenong Rd, Koornang = rising ground
Mt St Leonard = Mernda – Mountain on Healesville
side of Fishers Creek = [Karn - crossed out] Kan (like can).
Cathedral – Jee-burr.
St KildaYou-rŭk – Stony or Rocks, from the
Bunjil rocks which are there; where Bunjil
stopped the incroach of the sea by these rocks.
Lanecoorie, properly Langa-kūra for Kūra = Kangaroo
and Langa or Langi = the place of, eg Langilogan

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