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The Jajaurong (Ja-jau – Lips or mouth wurong eg. Speech)
See Brough Smith quoting the remarks of E S Parker and
J Parker – vol 1 p 41. 42
Parker's work is The Aborigines of Australia – a lecture – 1854
– probably in the Melbourne Library.
Parker was the Superintendent of the aboriginal
Station at “Jim Crow” near Daylesford – in the
Jajaurung country – of where the old story
is told thus – a blackfellow said of him:
“Kobon that one yabber “gib-it daily head –
but baal that one gib it damper”.
He says “the Jaj owurrong inhabited the
plains and tributaries of the Loddon.”
J Parker says “the Ja-jow-er-ong was divided
into seven tribes.
(1) Leak a bulluk
(2) Pila-uhin-goondeetch
(3) Kalk-Kalk-goondeetch x
(4) Wong-hurra-ghee-rar-goondeetch
(5) gal-gal-bulluk
(6) Tow-nim-burr-lar-goondeetch
(7) Way-re-rong-goondeetch

Parker says of (7) that in their country was
the only quarry of tomahawk stone to which
all of the neighbouring tribes resorted for a supply.
He also says that the Jajaurong country extended
from the Eastern slopes of [the - crossed out] Mt Macedon to the
Pyrenees. This includes the country which William
claimed as belonging to one of the divisions
of the Woiworung – namely Mt Macedon and
the Tomahawk quarry which was[?] the inheritance
of one “mob” of which Billibileri* was the Headman.

[written in left side margin]
(E. S Parker)
(I think the
son of J Parker)

x i.e. people of the
forest (Kalk-Kalk
for Kalk=wood)

*see next page
re Billibelari
- who was evidently
a Jajaurong:

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