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William Berak says further
Beyond Mt Macedon were the Jajaurong about
Kyneton near the Gal-gal-Balluk. Another Jajaurong
tribe were the Learga balluk on the sources of the Campaspe.
The Kalk-Kalk-goundich were near the Gal gal balluk
The Wŭrŭng – hŭra – gerŭng- balluk lived near
the gal-gal-balluk, who lived near Kyneton.
The Tonem-burr-laug-gourndich lived
on the Upper Loddon River.

These all spoke the Ja-jau-rong (worŭng?)
language – William Berak's language being

Billibileri’s sister was Waa and was
married to a man of the Kūrnŭng illum
who was Bunjil. This man’s son was the
“nephew” who helped Billibileri to take care of
the Tomahawk quarry. The Kūrnŭngillum
extended up to near Daylesford and also
had the west half of Mt Macedon – the East half
belonged to the Urŭnjeri (Berak's tribe) ——

The Yaúangillum lived in the country between
Mt Macedon, Heathcote and Kilmore, they were Waa
and spoke Thagūn-worung.

The Yirauillum also lived on the Goulburn River
below Seymour and were Bunjil – these people
got their wives from the Neribaluk
The Benbendora-baluk lived near Mooroopna
(near Shepparton on the Goulburn) were all Bunjil.

The Gal-gal balluk belonged to the Jajaurong people

The Būrong balluk (Būrong = string) lived on the
Avoca about Nattyallock and were all Bunjil
The Leaura-gūra-balluk lived round the
mountain where Parker's station was and were
all Bunjil

[written in left side margin]

Probably the outside Bunjil
people towards the Murray.

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