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Parker's seventh tribe is I feel sure intended
for Woiworung and may be the tribe of which
Bilibileri was head man. It was evidently
intimately connected with the Urūnjeri
from what William Berak says about the
great power Bilibileri had over his (Berak's)
father & his tribe

It is now quite clear that the Jajaurong
were all Bunjil or Waa and they were

The Mara are restricted to the S. W of
Victoria. The Wotjo to the N.W.

I do not know what the extreme N. E.
were unless Murray Jackey's evidence
shows them to have been “Murring”.
This man’s father (Malian-Ibai) came
from a tribe which extended down to near
Alburi and which had the Kamilaroi
classes. The Wirajuri extended down on the
N of the Murray to Hay and had the Kamilaro
classes. I think it possible that these may have
been all along the Murray on each side until
they came to where the Mukwara & Kilpara
classes were. These certainly extended
down the Murray having to the south the
Krockitch & Gamutch classes.

On this basis I have now laid out the
boundaries of four nations and I send
you a sketch showing this. These new
boundaries could be shown on the map you have
which is a better one than the one I enclose.

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