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I observe that Curr speaking of the tribes at the
junction of the Murray & Goulburn & Campaspe
notes that they were surrounded by tribes differing
from them (the Bangerang tribes). He mentions
one of these the Ngooraialum seems to be one
of Berak's tribes – I remember the name but cannot
turn up the passage —— I have found it now:
Ngūralŭng bulluk or Ngūr-ai-ilum- at Murchison
This would fix the northern extension of the Kulin
at about [Shep - crossed out] Toolamba [according - crossed out] and Heathcote
according to Curr and Shepparton and Heathcote
according to Berak (see the Yauangilium at p 3).
Curr calls the Heathcote people Nerbooluk
which seems to be the Nira baluk of Berak who
he says had their headquarters at Kilmore
and [extended - crossed out] intermarried with the Yauang ilum
who lived on the west side of the Goulburn
below SeymourCurr places Nerbooluk
in this locality.

At any rate I think that we can safely
place the Northern extension of the Kulin
about the line I have drawn.

Curr does not give the least light [?upon?]
the class divisions of his Bangerang tribes.

As to the [names- crossed out] word for Blackfellow see this.
Junction Murray & Campaspe & Goulburn — ēnbena
Wickliffe, Avoca, Daylesford Kuli.
Portland, Warrnambool, Lake Condah Mara
Hopkins Hill ___________________}
Richardson River, Lower Loddon, Wimmera — Watcha, Wootho, Wotjo

Dawson's vocabularie shew that Kulin
extended westward as far as Mt Rouse.

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